Straight On Target

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Country: Italy
Label: Bakerteam Records

Links: Reverbnation
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Formed in: 2006
Disbanded in: 2014

2006-2014 Deathcore


NA-  Andrea Scaglia - vocals
NA-  Federico Buzzetti - drums
NA-  Giulio Castruccio - guitar
NA-  Daniele Molinari - guitar
NA-  Nicolò Rossi - bass
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NA  Davide Mazzoni - guitar
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Uncontroversial statement time: Deathcore can really, really suck.

When it comes to general shit-wrecking though? Deathcore done right can be the tits. And this album here, despite its regular hiccups, is full of deathcore done right. When all is said...   Review by wormdrink414 ››

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