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2004-  Heimdall (II) - guitars
2007-  Alkhemohr - bass, backing vocals
2010-  Max Goemaere - drums
2014-  M.C. Abagor - vocals
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2005-2007  Beowülf - guitars
2005-2009  "Nygh Gaunt" "Exp:/13" - vocals
2009  Svarte - guitars
2009-2010  Hadrian - guitars
2009-2011  Déhà - vocals
2010-2011  Malphas - guitars
2011-2014  Frost - vocals
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Usually the intro gives a little taste on what's coming; not so the case on their latest offering, Revelatio. Looking past that, the album starts off with fast drums and somehow reminds me of early Cradle Of Filth, Dark Tranquillity sans the keyboard or In Flames maybe? Can't put my finger on it and to top it off, some passages on the album also have a hint of metal or death core to them.   Review by D.T. Metal ››

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