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Also known as Vhaldemar

Country: Spain
Label: Unsigned

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Formed in: 1999

1999- Power metal


1999-  Pedro J. Monge - guitar
1999-  Carlos Escudero - vocals, guitar
1999-  Óscar Cuadrado - bass
1999-  Eduardo Martinez - drums

Latest reviews

And so it's time, for the second album from the Spanish band, "Vhäldemar".
The thing I wanted to know most was if they should continued where the last release ended, "Gamma Rayish" like, or if they should use their talent...   Review by Malcolm ››
Do you like "Gamma Ray" and Kai Hansen? No, well, then you can stop reading right now, 'cause this isn't something for you.
Yes, then this maybe is the release of year, 2002, closer to "Gamma Ray" and Mr. Hansen can't...   Review by Malcolm ››


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