Marko Annala


1996- Mokoma - vocals  

Guest musician

1998-1999 Kotiteollisuus - guitar  

Personal information

Marko Kristian Annala was born in Joutseno, Finland in the year of 1972. He has formed the finnish thrash metal band Mokoma. Annala is known for his special singing technique which combines death metal vocals, "suomirock" (finnish rock) vocals and black metal vocals. Before Mokoma, Annala has played guitar for bands Pronssinen Pokaali and Slmgudgeon. He has also featured on the albums "Aamen" and "Eevan perintö" by Kotiteollisuus. He is a vegetarian. He has compared himself to the lyricist and musician Jarkko Martikainen from YUP. Annala was voted for the best vocalist of the year in the Finnish Metal Awards 2008.