Mauricio Maldonado


2001-2010 Viuda Negra - keyboards  

Personal information

Born on: 16.02.1979

Mauricio was born on February 16th, 1979 in Quito – Ecuador. Since he was 7 he had been acquiring knowledge and ability to play the keyboard thanks to the permanent piano and keyboard practice and the formal education received in The Music Conservatory Franz Liszt and in the National Music Conservatory. He has participated in many recitals and concerts and has won prizes and recognition for his music interpretation.

His music influence come from many Metal subgenres (New Metal, Symphonic, Power Metal and Gothic), Progressive Rock, Rock from the 80’s, Alternative, Glam, New Age, Electronic, Pop and Instrumental Contemporary Music.

He has been part of Viuda Negra since mid 2002. He has shared shows with some international bands like Angra (2002), Nightwish (2004), Tren Loco (2004), Horcas (2005) and Katharsis (2007). Right now he has side music projects and he is a keyboard private teacher.