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Lou Caldarola


2007-2010 Toxik - drums  

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Lou Caldarola was born in White Plains NY and started playing drums at the early age of 4. Lou grew up listening to Motown artists, swing bands and popular rock groups.After his family moved to Brewster NY, friends in school introduced Lou to bands like Rush and The Who, which shaped his drumming style. During his early teens studied under Don Stroffolino, and immersed himself into the local band scene. It was during those years that it became evident of his "unique" style. This was seen in his off time snare patterns and busy rhythms. Lou credits this to swing and Motown ideas from childhood mixing with the modern sounds and progressive music he now enjoys.
He attended University of Bridgeport majoring in music and studied with Howard Zwickler for one year but left Bridgeport to pursue a career in live performance. In 1987 Lou signed a contract with D.C.Mood Creations and released "Winter" a 5 song EP with original metal band Terminus Est. Lou established himself as one of the area's leading drummers. In 1988 teamed up with David Pitkat and Bill Rogers Jr. and released "Wintersong-Requiem", a progrock epic requiem that made quite a buzz on the underground scene.He has since recorded with multiple original projects and become one of the areas most in demand drummers. In 1996 Lou joined Connecticut prog-metal band Soundscape and released three albums, "Discovery", "Iago" and "Grave New World" distributed internationally under Angelthorne Music Company-all out now at most retailers online. There is a long list of recording and live credits to his name to date.
Currently Lou is involved with KICKSVILLE a national project that defies definition (you must see for yourself),Your Name Hear, an experimental live and session project that has been working since 1993 based out of Starr Ridge Studios, Brewster NY. He also keeps busy playing live with Limelight, North America's #1 Rush tribute band in 2004, 2007-2009, and various other projects. He is also on staff at the Westchester NY branch of the "School of Rock Music" in Bedford.Lou is also available for session and live performances.