Tommy Lindal


1993-1997 Theatre Of Tragedy - guitars  
1996-1997 Imperium - guitar  
2008- ...In Deviltry - guitars  

Guest musician

2009 Ravenland - guitar  

Personal information

Born on: 12.09.1973
Official website

Back in June 2008, Deviltry got out of my mind and started to take form and sound for real. But my story of music goes far back in time. Norway, 1993, we founded Theatre of Tragedy. After 4 years and 3 albums released, a stroke on the last day of the recordings for "Velvet Darkness They Fear", took my guitar apart from me. For the last decade I wandered around the world trying to get back all the pieces of myself that was lacking after the accident, but only now I found what I lost that day in the studio.

It's called Deviltry.