Ji-In Cho


2004- Krypteria - vocals, piano  

Guest musician

2008 Doro - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 30.12.1976

Ji-In Cho (December 30, 1976) is a German heavy metal singer of Korean descent. She has been the lead vocalist and pianist of the power metal band Krypteria since December 2004.


Ji-In Cho discovered her passion for music as a child. When she was six years old, she started an extensive musical education including piano lessons. Ji-In studied Music (Musikhochschule Cologne) and Theology (University of Cologne). Furthermore she has gotten a lot of experience in performing live on stage with several projects. Thanks to her extensive interests, Ji-In feels at home in almost all musical genres.

She appeared on many TV-shows and reached numerous chart positions (#31 for her cover version of Alanis Morissette´s "Ironic", #16 for the single "Don´t need your alibis" as a member of the band Become One). Thus Ji-In gained many experiences within the professional music business. Common appearances and duets with international stars like Phil Collins, Ronan Keating, Gareth Gates, Sarah Connor, B3, Tiziano Ferro, Ricky Martin, Mel Gaynor (Simple Minds), DJ Tomekk, Martin Moss marked a shaping influence on Ji-In's career.

Since December 2004 Ji-In has been the lead singer of the band Krypteria, whose single "Liberatio" was used for the charity campaign in aid of the Tsunami-victims in Southeast Asia. The outcome was proceeds of 11 Million Euro by selling 150.000 singles. "Liberatio" reached the status of a golden record and had the chart position #3 for many weeks. The second single "Victoriam Speramus" (published on April 4 in 2005) of the album "In medias res" (published on July 25 in 2005) made further chart positions possible.



* October 2003: Ironic (Single; Sony/BMG)

With Become One

* December 2003: I Don't Need Your Alibis (Single; Sony/BMG)
* January 2004: 1 (Album; Sony/BMG)
* March 2004: Come Clean (Single; Sony/BMG)

With Krypteria

* July 2005: In Media Res (Synergy/EMI)
* August 2006: Evolution Principle (EP; Synergy/EMI)
* January 2007: Bloodangel's Cry (Synergy/EMI)
* August 2009: "My Fatal Kiss" (Synergy/EMI)

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