NA- Street Talk - vocals  
NA- Karmakanic - vocals  
NA- Crossfade - vocals  
1990-1992 Yngwie Malmsteen - vocals  
1999 Johansson - vocals  
2003- Xsavior - vocals  
2005- Time Requiem - vocals  
2007-2013 Signum Regis - vocals  
Studio musician:
2009- Crash The System - lead vocal, backing vocals  
Guest musician:
2005 Vitalij Kuprij - vocals  
2007 The Poodles - backing vocals  
2011 Iron Mask - vocals  
2012 Three Wise Monkeys - vocal  
2012 Docker's Guild - vocals  
2013 Signum Regis - vocals  
2013 Wolfpakk - vocals  

Personal information

Born on: 28.04.1956

Göran Edman (born April 28, 1956) is a Swedish vocalist. He is noted for his session work with many artists through the years but mainly for his early work with guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen. He has also recorded with bands and artists such as Brazen Abbot, John Norum, Madison, Karmakanic, Street Talk, Kharma, Crossfade, Signum Regis and Richard Andersson among others.

In 1986, Edman auditioned for the vocalist slot in the newly formed Vinnie Vincent Invasion