Daisuke Tsuda


1998- Maximum The Hormone - vocals (as Daisuke Han)  

Personal information

Also known as: Daisuke-han
Born on: 13.09.1977

Daisuke Tsuda (津田 大輔, Tsuda Daisuke, born September 13, 1977), also known as Daisuke Han (ダイスケはん), is the harsh vocalist of the Japanese band Maximum the Hormone, while fellow band member Ryo Kawakita does most of the clean voices.

Daisuke was, along with Nao, one of the founding members of Maximum the Hormone. Daisuke used to perform all of the central vocals, but now splits the role with guitarist/vocalist Ryo.
While not recording and touring, Daisuke hosts the weekly Maximum the Hormone radio show, along with Nao.