Rob Clearfield


2006- District 97 - keyboard  

Personal information

From an early age, keyboardist Rob Clearfield has always shown a fascination in all types of music. From his humble beginnings playing grunge rock in his friends' basements and accompanying choirs at his mother's church, Clearfield has become a fixture on the Chicago music scene. Although perhaps a rocker at heart, Clearfield has made a name for himself as one of Chicago's best improvisers, performing with such renowned artists as Fareed Haque, Rakalam Bob Moses, Grazyna Auguscik, Juma Santos, Steve Gorn, Zach Brock, John Wojciechowski and Greg Ward, among others. In addition to District 97, Rob Clearfield is also a member of Matt Ulery's Loom and Greg Ward's Fitted Shards, as well as his own band Information Superhighway. As a composer, Clearfield's work with the Superhighway is only the beginning. In 2008, he was commissioned to score a production of MacBeth by Purdue University, and he is also currently the music director and composer-in-residence at the emergent church Wicker Park Grace in Chicago.