Akane Okamoto-Kaminski


2009- Liv Moon - vocals (as Akane Liv)  
2013- Akane Liv - vocals (as Akane Liv)  

Guest musician

2010 Syu - vocals (as Akane Liv)  
2012 Galneryus - vocals (as Akane Liv)  
2012 Takayoshi Ohmura - vocals (as Akane Liv)  
2012 Kee Marcello - vocals (as Akane Liv)  
2019 Syu - vocals  

Personal information

Also known as: Akane Liv
Born on: 24.08.1978
Official blog

Born to a Polish-Swedish father and Korean-Japanese mother in Göteborg, Sweden, Akane Okamoto-Kaminski was raised and educated in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating high school, she joined the Takarazuka Revue Company, an elite Japanese all-female theatre troupe. She performed with the Takarazuka for six years before departing, enrolling at a small international college in Oxford, England.

Whilst in England, Okamoto took lessons in classical singing and performed at the 2004 Beckenham Music Festival, where she was named 2004 Singer of the Year. Despite being accepted to the prestigious Royal Academy of Music, Okamoto did not study there for long. Following a solo recital in Poland, she returned to Japan in 2005, where she continued to perform until founding Liv Moon in 2009.