Wayne Richard Wells


1994-2010 Static-X - guitars, keyboards, programming, vocals (as Wayne Static)  
2011-2014 Wayne Static - vocals, guitar (as Wayne Static)  
2012-2013 Static-X - guitars, keyboards, programming, vocals (as Wayne Static)  

Studio musician

2002-2004 Skinny Puppy - backing vocals (as Wayne Static)  

Personal information

Also known as: Wayne Static
Born on: 04.11.1975
Died on: 01.11.2014

Wayne Richard Wells (born on November 4, 1975), better known by his stage name Wayne Static, is an American musician, and currently the singer, guitarist, keyboardist, and programmer for the industrial metal band Static-X.

He was born in, Shelby, Michigan and he graduated from Western Michigan University. Before Static-X, he worked as an asparagus picker.

Wayne was three years old when he got his hands on his first toy guitar. His parents decided at age seven to get him his first real guitar, an S12 beginner model. He was given lessons, which paid off a year later when he won a talent contest playing "Skip to My Lou".

Wayne attended Shelby High School and was described in his high school years as being at the top of his class when he graduated at age 17.

His tall standing Slim Jim hair is his most notable feature, which used to be held up, as mentioned in the Wisconsin Death Trip liner notes, by White Rain hair spray. Today, Wayne uses Suave Rave 4X Mega hair spray to keep his hair up. It takes him 20 minutes to do his hair.

Wayne recently announced he will start a new band, Pighammer, as a side project following the touring for Static-X's next album.

2006 - SOiL and Wayne Static - "Give It Up"
2004 - Skinny Puppy and Wayne Static - "Use Less"
2003 - Godhead and Wayne Static - The Giveaway
2002 - The X-Ecutioners featuring Mike Shinoda and Mr. Hahn of Linkin Park - "It's Going Down" (Wayne appears in the video)
2002 - Jonathan Davis and Richard Gibbs featuring Wayne Static - "Not Meant for Me"

ESP Wayne Static Signature Ex 600 with black diamond plate finish (equipped with a single Seymour Duncan Distortion at the bridge).
Wayne used Epiphone Wayne Static Signature Flying Vs (with neck pickups and toggle switches removed and using Seymor Duncan Distortion pickups) before being endorsed by ESP in early 2007.
Marshall MG100HDFX Heads.
Marshall 4x12 1960A Cabinets (loaded with two Celestion Vintage 30's on top and two G75's on bottom).
Boss NS-2.
Furman PL-8 Plus Power Conditioner which was conditioned by Wayne.
Electro Voice RE1 Wireless Units (two).
Whirlwind A/B/Y Selector.
He has used different tunings for Static-X's albums: Drop D, one step down(C,G,C,F,A,D) for Wisconsin Death Trip, Machine, and 9/13 of the songs of Shadow Zone. Drop D, two steps (A#,F,A#,D#,G,C) for the other songs on Shadow Zone. Start A War and Cannibal contains Drop D, two steps down tuning on all the songs.

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