Juha Kylmänen


1995- Reflexion - vocals  
1999- For My Pain - vocals  

Guest musician

2001 Eternal Tears Of Sorrow - vocals  
2004 To/Die/For - vocals  

Personal information

Personal history in music: My family has lots of musicality. I started to play in a band at the age of 12. But I've been singing basically all my life. My first band was called Predominance. We played our own music that was some kind of heavy metal. I did my first gig with Predominance and it took place at winter 93. January 1996 I met great musician and we formed Reflexion and we are still going on. Few years ago Altti asked if I was interested to sing in a project that they were planning with Petri. I said yes and here we are with gothic rock band For My Pain.

Music I listen to: Queensrÿche, Deep Purple, Rainbow, White Snake, Black Crowes, Dio, Helloween, Elegy, Dream Theater, Tarot, Europe, The ark, Guns N' Roses, Hellacopters, Don Huonot, Pantera, Twisted sister.

Musical influences: Geoff Tate, Ian Gillan, Joe Lynn Turner, David Coverdale, Marco Hietala, Joey Tempest, Ola Salo, Michael Kiske, Ronnie James Dio, E. A. Hovinga, Dee Snider, Blackie Lawless.

Other interests: Relaxing, movies, composing new songs.

Instruments I use: Yamaha acoustic guitars, Yamaha amps. Shure microphones

(source: http://www.formypain.com/)