René Krolmark


NA- Gutrix - guitars  
NA- Virus 7 - guitars  
NA- Zoser Mez - guitars  
1978-1980 Brats - guitars  
1981- Mercyful Fate - guitars (as Hank Shermann)  
1984-1988 Fate - guitar  
2002- Force Of Evil - guitars  
2008- Demonica - guitar  

Live musician

2011-2013 Volbeat - guitars  

Guest musician

2003 Iron Fire - guitars  
2006 Eidolon - guitars  
2010 Witchery - guitars  
2013 Deadlands - guitars (as Hank Shermann)  

Personal information

Also known as: Hank Shermann
Born on: 11.07.1958
Official website

Born: July , Cancer
Inspirations: Michael Schenker , Uli Roth and early Judas Priest.
Favourite Albums: Stained Class , Virginkiller , Rocks , Obsession and Operation Mindcrime.
Favourite Drink : Barcardi & Coke.
Interest: Photography (
Recordings: Brats, Mercyful Fate, Fate, Zoser Mez, Gutrix, Virus 7 and Force Of Evil. Guest appearance on : Witchery, Jack Cracker, Skeletor, Ironfire.

Equipment: ´72 Stratocaster, ´67 Flying V, Gothic V, Marshall 100W/2203 & Tubescreamer TS-9.

Bio: Hank Shermann started playing guitar in March 1977. He soon found his alley in Heavy Metal bands like Judas Priest ,UFO and Scorpions. His first ever recording was in 1978 with the band called Brats. Michael Denner then joined the band and they released an album in 1980. Soon after
the band broke up. Mercyful Fate came to surface in early 1981.
Shermann then started to compose MFs music , which later became classic songs for the band. "Evil", "Satans Fall", "Curse of the Pharaohs" and "Desecration of Souls" to name a few. Inbetween recordings and touring with MF, Hank has launched bands like Zoser Mez , Gutrix , Fate and Virus 7. Force Of Evil is now his main focus , and the music has not been any rawer than this Shermann says.