Deen Castronovo


1980-1982 Malice (US-CA) - drums  
1988 Marty Friedman - drums  
1995 Ozzy Osbourne - drums  
1995-1997 Geezer - drums  
1998-2015 Journey - drums, vocals  
2014- Revolution Saints - drums, vocals  
2017- The Dead Daisies - drums  

Studio musician

1987 Tony MacAlpine - drums  
1988 Cacophony - drums  
1994 Tony MacAlpine - drums  

Guest musician

2008 Jason Becker - drums  

Personal information

Born on: 17.08.1964
Official Website

Deen Castronovo was born in Westminster, California. Deen discovered the drums at age five and played his way through a long list of highly acclaimed bands. At 13, he had learned every song on Journey's album Infinity. Deen cites Steve Smith, Neil Peart and Terry Bozzio as his greatest influences. He has released an instructional video entitled "High Performance Drumming". Deen's vocals are as impressive as his accomplished drum skills.

Deen's discography includes albums with Bad English, Hardline, Ozzy Osborne, Steve Vai, Wild Dogs, Paul Rodgers and many more.

Deen has been touring around the world and recording with Journey for over 10 years.