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Vanishing Point - Biography




The praise they received even before their new album was released was as loud as the applause which greeted their brilliant European debut: The Australian band VANISHING POINT have been a focal point since their great show at the Wacken 2000 Open Air Festival. The prog metal formation with singer Silvio Massaro now present their second album, "Tangled In Dream", which combines great melodies with intelligently styled arrangements and which manages to rock, whilst still sounding atmospheric and sensitive.

As the Heavy Metal music & lifestyle guru of the influential Australian music magazine Metal Warriors so aptly put it: "Australia has a great reputation for the more extreme kinds of heavy metal, but this band is the first destined to put this country on the map for melodic heavy metal. So I feel it my duty to bring VANISHING POINT to the attention of the rest of the world." It shouldn't be too hard for the journalist to fulfil his self-imposed duty. Because, with their superb mixture of progressive parts, transparent arrangements as well as a powerful and well-balanced production, VANISHING POINT will find all doors open to them. "Tangled In Dream" knits together twelve new, exciting compositions, from the sensitive opener "Surreal", past the clever "I Will Awake" to the final title track. The six-piece covers the entire spectrum of the prog genre in "Closer Apart" and the impressive "Bring On The Rain" and reach new epic heights with the eight minute long "Never Walk Away" which is also available on the album as a mini-film video clip.

"The Real You", a gentle, introverted song receives its depth from the warm sounds of an acoustic guitar and the magnetic vocal melodies of frontman Massaro. The uptempo groove of the subsequent track, "Two Minds One Soul" underlines the talent with which VANISHING POINT retain their melodicness at any speed at which they care to play. The opus ends with "On The Turning Away", an originally played cover version of the Pink Floyd classic from their album, "A Momentary Lapse Of Reason".

It is especially here that the musicians show their flexibility which enables them to step into the musical spheres of other artists and paint such songs using colours of their own palette.

The twelve songs of the new album were recorded at Palm Studios in Melbourne, where "Tangled In Dream" was produced by the experienced Endel Rivers. Every musician in the band is a master instrumentalist: Silvio Massaro (vocals), Tom Vucur (guitar), Chris Porcianko (guitar), Joe Del Mastro (bass), Jack Lukic (drums) and Danny Olding (keyboards).

VANISHING POINT have been a recognised part of the Australian metal scene since 1997. Their debut album, "in thought" was hailed "Australian Metal Album of the Year" by Demon Night Radio and the band was proclaimed to be "Australia's No. 1 Progressive Metal band" by Australia's most important Prog/Power radio show Screaming Symphony. But suddenly journalists not only abroad, but also in Europe began picking up their ears. Peter Peeters, the publisher of Belgium's most important rock and metal magazine, was very impressed and wrote, "The new sensation - this quintet could be the most important revelation from down under - this is a classic in the making." Three songs from the debut album were made into videos for posterity: "The Only One", "In Company Of Darkness" and "Forgotten Self", the song which impressed reviewers in all corners of the globe. The album was released in April 1999 both in Europe and abroad and was immediately followed by a number of sensational offers. The band was invited to play at the Wacken 2000 Open Air Festival where they again received tremendous reviews. "The Aussie rockers brought the very best kind of AOR with them", wrote Hammer in the October 2000 issue. "With songs which often reminded one of the glorious Bad English, fine solos and really beautiful song melodies, they were certainly a terrific addition to the programm held on the Wet Stage." A similar review could be found in Heavy, oder was!?. Almost simultaneous to their concert in Wacken, north Germany, VANISHING POINT also accepted a contract deal with Limb Music Products & Publishing, currently one of the most enthusiastic and successful metal labels in Europe (e.g. with Rhapsody, Mob Rules, Shadow Keep, Kenziner under contract). The band also played a phenominal headlining show at the legendary Metal Warriors Metalfest as well as playing with the Scandinavian guitar hero, Yngwie Malmsteen.

The future of the band therefore seems to be more than just bright. In view of the enthusiastic reception of their debut album, "in thought", their second opus, "Tangled In Dream" could well be the beginning of a parade of triumph par excellence. There is no doubt that both the band and the album have the qualities required - they just need to reach enough people. And that starts right here...