Atrophia Red Sun - Biography

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ATROPHIA RED SUN (ARS) describe their music as "death twisted metal focused on mind spheres". In other words, it means electronics, dark vocals and heavy as shit guitars, mixed with the sounds originating straight from dark mathematics metal and post industrial music. Band was formed in 1994 by Piotr "VX The Mind Ripper" Kopec (kbds; GGVX). Besides him, the first line-up consisted also of Adrian "Covan" Kowanek (voc; GGVX,Decapitated), Piotr "Pita" Stepkowski (g. Darklight, Agnes), Marcin "Bochaj" Bochajewski (g.), Michal "Banan" Nasiadka (bg) and Pawel "Grzechotka" Wegrzyn (dr). Their first effort, "Painful Love", was released in 1995 by the label Croon Records. It didn't take long 'till it gained desired recognition in the media dealing with metal music.

The songs on the debut album could be described as doom metal with the lyrical concept dealing with the subject of love in general. In 1997 ATROPHIA RED SUN records their second album, entitled "Fears". With the debut entirely exploring doom metal genre, this one is way different, both musically and lyrically. This is a personal and in some way pessimistic view on the surrounding world. Instead of high feelings, lyrics deal with harsh and brutal reality. "Fears" drives the band from doom metal to more progressive sounds, but on the other hand, ATROPHIA RED SUN's music becomes more dynamic and aggressive. The songs recorded on that cd remind a complete mixture of The Gathering, Paradise Lost, Anathema, Yes, The Nice, and classical art-rock of early Genesis on the other side

There are some titles which definitely stand out. It certainly is "That Which Is Coming" (with the lyrics being a translation of a part of Holy Qran) and "Gulf Song" (with the addition of TV/Radio samples concerning the Gulf War), mainly due to Covan's (voc.) personal experiences during his childhood in the Middle-East. Once again the press appeared to be delighted with the final outcome. Years 1998-1999 brought many personal changes. ATROPHIA RED SUN was abandoned by both guitarists and a bass player. It wasn't until 2001 that they started rehearsing once again with the full line-up. In 2001 and 2002 ARS records two demo materials of technical, complicated thrash-death metal with schizophrenic keyboard parts and samples. Demo 2002 was widely acknowledged by the underground press. Since 1999 Rafal "Kastor" Kastory (ex / Lux Occulta, Sceptic) deals with guitars.

Bass player Pawel "Fafson" Kolasa (ex- SCEPTIC), gets replaced in 2000 by Grzegorz "Felix" Feliks (Sceptic, Whorehouse, Cremaster). And finally, in 2003 Pawel Wegrzyn (dr.) is replaced by Milosz "Milo" Likowski. The current line-up being: Covan, Kopec, Kastory, Felix and Likowski. 2003 is the year when "Twisted Logic" (3rd full-length album) gets released. Splendid technical abilities encouraged ARS to create complete in it's form, and perfectly shaped tracks. The CD was attached to July issue of "Thrash'em All" magazine in Poland. "Twisted Logic" was nominated as the "album of the year" in many radio and press 2003 summaries. ATROPHIA RED SUN was also one of the first Polish bands to create special movie sequences (completing the "Twisted Logic" lyrical concept) which were displayed on screens during band's performances. ARS played a large number of gigs in Post Communist Countries, with such bands as: Abyss, Astarot, Catharsis, Cemetery Of Scream, Corozone, Cryptic Tales, Cremaster, Crionics, Cold Passion, Death Sea, Decapitated, Decay (RIP), Helloween, Horrorscope, Infernal Maze, Lacrima, Lux Occulta, Mysterya, Multilation, Neolith, Neolithic, Neuma, Moja Adrenalina, Rage, Quo Vadis, Sacrum, Sagittarius, Sceptic, Serpentia, Thetragon, Thy Disease, Trauma, Unnamed, Virgin Snatch, Vader and Wilder to name a few. They also appeared on METALMANIA 2004 Festival, as well as the fourth edition of Mystic Festival with Iron Maiden, KAT, Helloween, Rage and Frontside headlining.