Velvet Viper - Biography




Velvet Viper were founded in 1990 by Jutta Weinhold after her quite successful band Zed Yago had broken apart. After the release of two albums ('Velvet Viper' in 1990 and 'Fourth Quest For Fantasy' in 1992) the band was put on ice.
In 2017 Jutta teamed up with guitarist Holger Marx and started working on the comeback album 'Respice Finem' (released in 2018 via GMR Music), which was very well received in many magazines and other media of the metal scene. It was brought to the stage successfully and in 2019 led the band to play the Headbanger's Open Air and the Wacken Open Air, where they earned very positive reactions.

On October 25th, 2019 the second album of the new band era, 'The Pale Man Is Holding A Broken Heart', will be released via Massacre Records.

The songwriting team Weinhold / Marx have nailed down their style even better und at the same time they managed to build a bridge to the first Velvet Viper album from 1990 by including a few more up-tempo songs. The sound was designed by Tommy Newton in his Area 51 Studios and is even more powerful and clearer than on the previous album, and it mirrors the live sound of the band perfectly.

As always in Velvet Viper, the lyrics relate to fantasy and myth and many have literary sources: "The Wheel Has Come Full Circle", for example, refers to Shakespeare's King Lear, "Götterdämmerung" is about Richard Wagner's The Ring Of The Nibelung, "Samson And Delilah" tells the story of the invincible rebel from the biblical antiquity, and "One-Eyed Ruler" is about the Norse god Odin who sacrificed one eye. These subjects create an atmosphere that perfectly fits to the epic and often dark heavy metal with its traditional vibe and Jutta's dramatic vocals which are loved by many fans.

The current line-up features Jutta Weinhold (vocals) and Holger Marx (guitar) as well as Micha Fromm (drums) and Johannes Möllers (bass guitar).

Source: Official website