Vidres A La Sang - Biography

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Vidres a la Sang came together in February 2002 as an extreme music project. This was when Eloi (rhythm guitar & lead vocals) and Carles (drums) started working on some themes. With passing time those same themes began to take shape, and then it..s when Albert (lead guitar) and Marcos (bass guitar and vocals) also joint the project. The band began to develop new ideas aiming to shape the project, such as singing in Catalan Miquel Martí i Pol..s poetry adapted to their music, as well as the use of a not very conventional make-up in the Black Metal world. Black and red will be the colours insignia of the band, in order to step aside a little from the saturated mainstream of the style.

As the band..s sound develops, new influences oriented towards Death and Heavy Metal is being introduced, until the resulting puzzle of all the aforementioned styles gets definitively settled. The band, instead of issuing themes compulsively as it seems to be the trend, prefers to look for perfection in the composition of a few chosen ones, until achieving the wished result. It is then when the band decides to measure its degree of connection with the crowd, by means of a series of local concerts that came to be a great success. Far from falling asleep in a fake bed of roses, their next steep, and up to the date the most important, will be to enter the studio in order to record what will be the band..s first long play. For the record..s production they..ll count on the master hand of Mr. AX (Asgaroth), who will develop a sound for the band that will surprise all and sundry by its power, clearness and forcefulness. The resulting album, far over the expectations, leads the band to think about something more than just to be rotting years down in the basement, and decides to prove luck with a desktop publishing of their debut album, in order to be able to finance their own expenses and also to fattening a little the band..s curriculum for a possible future contact with some record company.

In spite of the magnificent expectations, a great misfortune for the band arises, and is that Carles decides to leave to the group and his entailment with music because of personal reasons. Apart from all the occurred events the group gets in touch with the label XtreemMusic, and in particular with Dave Rotten (Avulsed), who is interested in the proposal of the group, and who decides, after a time of reflection, to bet by them and to offer them the reissue of their CD debut in order to give to it a greater promotion and broadcast. A time later, Carles returns to the band, which recovers thus its original formation to prepare the second album.

The second album is entitled ..Endins.., and after the success harvested with their debut, great things of the band are expected in order to confirm themselves in the national scene and stop being just a revelation. For the production they will count again on the master hand of Mr. AX. ..Endins.. is a more mature work, live, apocalyptic and sophisticated that aims to satisfy the most exigent ears. The album saw the light on 2006 September the 1st, and for live appearances they have the collaboration behind the patches of the highly regarded and so-called Baalphegor..s drummer, Alfred Berengena, for Carles this time definitively leaves the band and music because of personal reasons. The new work ..Endins.. presentation concerts are being a great success up to the date, and the answer of both crowd and press is unanimous pointing out Vidres a la Sang as the greatest hope of Spanish extreme Metal. The band..s pending subject will be to demonstrate its power outside Spanish borders in a not so far future. Vidres a la Sang, concluding, is a band which joins in Death, Black and Heavy Metal, Vidres a la Sang is immediate extreme music but, above everything, Vidres a la Sang is feeling, honesty, rage, pain and a true challenge to death.