General Surgery - Biography



General Surgery was formed in late 1988 by:

Matti Kärki: drums, vocals
Jonas Derouche: guitar
Grant McWilliams: bass
Richard Cabeza: lead vocals

The band was an outlet for the members at that time to musically profess their love for Carcass and grindcore in general.
After losing and gaining several members, a relatively stable line-up was found for recording their first demo (and the following one), "Erosive Offals" in March of 1990.

The members at this time were;
Richard Cabeza: lead vocals
Joacim Carlsson: guitar
Matti Kärki: bass, vocals
Mats Nordrup: drums

Later, the same demo was re-recorded at the "legendary" Sunlight studio, this time with new lyrics and titles, called "Pestiferous Anthropophagia". After this Rickard left the band and Grant was once again in the band.

A rehearsal demo was recorded shortly after this, and in November of 1990 their EP, "Necrology" was recorded, also at Sunlight studio. With the 11 minutes of music on the EP the band gained quite a following. Despite this, the band called it quits shortly afterwards. The EP was re-released on CD in 1993 by Relapse.

Resurrected for a short period in 2000, the remaining band members found it hard to gain a stable line-up, but did record a track for the Carcass tribute album "Requiems of Revulsion".

After a couple of more years of inactivity (which by this time seemed to be a trademark of the band) Joacim teamed up with Sayyadina bassist Andreas Eriksson to record some demo tracks on the computer.
The results were promising, so they invited Grant back to sing. Adde Mitroulis of Birdflesh and Jigsore Terror fame was asked if he could play and he readily agreed.
The line up was:

Joacim Carlsson: guitars
Andreas Eriksson: bass
Grant McWilliams: vocals
Adde Mitroulis: drums, vocals

This line-up recorded the split CD with the County Medical Examiners. After this, Andreas left the band and Glenn Sykes of Regurgitate was brought in on bass and Johan Wallin of Scurvy and Repugnant was brought in for guitar and vocal duties.
Leading to the line-up as it is today:

Joacim Carlsson: guitars
Grant McWilliams: lead vocals
Adde Mitroulis: drums, vocals
Glenn Sykes: bass
Johan Wallin: guitars, vocals

During 2005 the band made their first live appearance in the US at the well-renowned Maryland Deathfest. A 4-track pre-production demo was also recorded earlier in the spring, in order to test the studio for future recordings.

In December the band entered Offbeat Studio to record what was to become their first full-length album "Left Hand Pathology". The recording was later mastered at Peter in de Betou's Tailor Maid facilities and the artwork was handled by the band themselves in order to make sure the packaging was as visually disturbing as the musical content.

In early 2006 vocalist Grant McWilliams made a decision to part ways with the band. His leave was on amicable terms and the band is currently seeking a replacement vocalist.

"Left Hand Pathology" was released to rave reviews in late May 2006.