Frostmoon Eclipse - Biography

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Frostmoon Eclipse was born from the hands of Claudio.

Out the first demo "Cold Silvery Eye".

Frostmoon Eclipse record the secon demo "...To Exalt My Triumph".

Black Tears Of Death Prod. (Italy) spawns the debut MCD "Supreme Triumph In Black" in a limited edition of 500 copies, later on (2000) released also on split Tape with Sacradis (Ita) by 0.4.3. Records from Bulgaria.

Maggot Records (Italy) releases "Revenge In Scorn" 7"-EP limited to 300 copies. The band start playing live.

Frostmoon Eclipse record the first full CD "Gathering The Dark" for Iso666 Releases from Greece. The CD contains 11 songs and is limited to 999 copies and comes in B/W artwork.

The band records a couple of covers (Bulldozer and Judas Iscariot) for some tribute albums.

Out the second full album "Death Is Coming" still for Iso666 Releases. This time the CD comes with a 12 pages coloured booklet and not in a limited edition. In Autumn the band records a Carnivore song for the tribute album.

Akne Productions from Slovakia release a Tape version of "Death Is Coming" limited to 500 copies. Chinese label Mort Productions releases a split CD with Ritual Day containing 4 songs. The Carnivore tribute CD got released by Fetch The Rope Records from USA.

Eyes Of The Dead Prod. (Italy) releases "As Life Fades Away...", a Tape containing the split CD songs plus some covers. The Tape is limited to 475 copies. Out also the official third album "Dead And Forever Gone", this time a completely acoustic full-length containing 12 songs. The CD is out for Iso666 Releases again.

In june Frostmoon Eclipse records an album of covers with no plans to a sure release date. In summer Iso666 Releases prints the Judas Iscariot tribute CD. In December the band records the new and official 4th album (a Black-Metal work of course) called "Another Face Of Hell".

In spring Zerstörungs Produktionen releases the long awaited Judas Iscariot tribute 2 LP and Metal Rulez Productions releases the Tribute to Venom. In September Iso666 Releases prints the 4th album "Another Face Of Hell". In October War Flagellation Productions from Portugal release "Another Face Of Hell" in Tape format.

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