Longing For Dawn - Biography




Longing For Dawn was formed in winter 2002, in Montreal, Canada by Stefan Laroche (Vocals) and Frederic Arbour (Lead Guitars & Atmospherics). Having both worked together many years before in various bands they set off to play a style they both cherished for many years, namely heavy, atmospheric, Doom laden Metal. They were then joined by long time friends Martin Gagnon to take care of drum duties, Kevin Jones at the bass and Stian Weideborg took the rhythm guitar task.

In late 2003 they entered the studio to start recording their first full length album titled "One Lonely Path". The recording was done sporadically over a one year period at various locations and mixed at the famous Wild Studio by Pierre Rémillard and was finally done by the end of 2004. The album was subsequently released in early 2005 through Canadian label Twilight Foundation, a division of Frederic´s Dark Ambient / Industrial label Cyclic Law. The album quickly received worldwide recognition and highly positive reviews from the international metal press. A few live performances were also done in 2005 in Quebec with great response.

They then set off to find a more suitable label that would help get wider recognition and finally signed a 3 albums deal with German label Grau. This period also saw the replacement of Martin by Sylvain Marquette who took drum duties from late 2003 until late 2005 to then be replaced by François Fortin in early 2006, Kevin was replaced by Etienne Lepage on bass in late 2004 and Stian was also replaced in early 2006 by Simon Carignan on rhythm guitar. Having now found a steady and strong line up they started recording their second album, and first for Grau, in the spring of 2006. This album is planned for release in Autumn 2006.