Mourning Dawn - Biography



Born from a devoted passion for the dark side of music, Mourning Dawn saw the day in September 2002 with the very confidential release of the first demo called "Mourning Dawn". Recorded with a small budget, this demo already shows a music which wants to avoid stereotypes while giving a dark and violent music.
The few feedbacks that this demo received encouraged its genitor to make a continuation. This one was released in March 2003 : "Straight to the past". The Mourning Dawn style refines itself. Recorded with a better production, this new album got very good feedbacks from the critics, in particular on the heavy and obscure environment that emerge from it, and the extremism of the vocal.

However, having no entire satisfaction from this album, Laurent decided to record a promotional EP once more (later re-released on Ostra Records) which shows the new direction of the band. A music much slower and atmospheric, playing more on environment than brutality which so far, illustrated his early compositions.

Since October 2005, Laurent decided to propel Mourning Dawn in the live music, and found a line up with JB (guitar), Nicko (drums) & Toxine (bass) from Funeralium. In the same time, Laurent composed and recorded the songs that will compose first "real" Mourning Dawn' s album wich was released on Total Rust Music. Soon after this contract, JB and Nicko were replaced with Fabien (Ad vitam Aeternam) & Thomas (Inborn Suffering)

Nowadays, we are currently rehearsing for the gigs to come, and writing for the 2nd album, wich we hope to be the sickest and most depressive metal album we can do...