Morbid Saint - Biography




'Spectrum Of Death' was produced by Eric Greif, who was also the manager of Chuck Schuldiner & Death (1988-92). Morbid Saint was a favorite opener for Death during those days, culminating in the infamous Metalfest 12/89 featuring Death, Acrophet and Morbid Saint. 'Spectrum Of Death' was recorded at Opus Recording (later known as Wave Digital once they removed the beloved 2'' tape machines in favor of inferior Akai Digital Audio Machines) in Gurnee, Illinois. The band broke up by the mid-90s.
Also released a demo in '88 prior to the LP.

In 1992 the "almo" (album/demo) was released. The "almo" was titled Destruction Sysem and featured the original cover art for Spectrum Of Death before it was changed.