Witchfinder General - Biography



Witchfinder General formed in 1979 and were part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWoBHM) movement during the early 1980s. They are strongly influenced by Black Sabbath, and are widely recognised today as one of the pioneers of the doom metal style. Their importance became acknowledged mostly after they disbanded. The band (minus vocalist Zeeb Parkes) reformed in November 2006, with new vocalist Gary Martin. In 2007 the band released Buried Amongst the Ruins, a compilation CD featuring the "Burning a Sinner" single, the Soviet Invasion EP, and four live tracks including a live version of the unreleased track "Phantasmagorical". Whilst stating they will not perform live again, the band are currently recording a new album, entitled Resurrected, which is likely to be finished in mid January 2008.