Dawn Of Tears - Biography



Dawn of Tears began its way at the end of 1999. J.L. Trebol , former guitarist , decided to set up a metal band , with ambition and attitude , mainly influenced by all modern Dark Metal styles and end of 80's and 90's classic Heavy Metal.

Nevertheless , band did not become a reality until mid 2001 , with the joining of versatile singer J.Alonso. Dawn of Tears was just born.

That year , the band recorded their first demo , titled "Blood on Verona" , that finally never came to light. Anyhow , they began a series of shows in underground Madrid zone during the next year.

In 2003 , the band entered a competition with another spanish novel bands in Emergenza contest. Dawn of Tears finished on 2nd place , and J.L. Trebol received Best Guitarist Award. This will lead them to Paris , sharing stage with rest of european bands ,winners from the contest in another cities.

Next year , second demo "Echoes ...." is launched; it received brilliant critics , and led Dawn of Tears to appear in several compilations , such as "Metal Ostentation vol. 8" and "Emisión Pirata" demo compilation.

After quite a long period of uncertainty and lineup changes , band decided to enter the studio to complete their first LP; however, recording is delayed due to first drummer's long illness period, and mainly because of the unexpected death of the producer.

It is not untill 2007 when "Descent" finally sees the light , nominated in Metal Storm awards as best melodeath record of the year, in the same category as other bands like Dark Tranquility and Arch Enemy.

Several very good reviews, both form public and specialized press have led the band to share stage in extensive touring with first level bands as Dimmu Borgir, Charon, Dew Scented or Stravaganzza.

Right now, band is working on launching of "Dark Chamber Litanies", their next effort, with a renewed lineup, and stronger than ever to make their music heard all around the world.

(source: http://www.myspace.com/dawnoftears)