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Crowning Glory - Biography

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Forged in the dank, dark taverns of London in April 2005; Crowning Glory deliver a punishing mix of tight riffs, rollercoaster guitar solos and soaring vocals which carve out a sound harking back to the glory days of metal; when Motorhead, Maiden and Priest ruled the world. But don't be deceived; whilst Crowning Glory do their fair share of hat-tipping to the giants of the past they are all too aware that they need to offer something new. And that is exactly what they deliver, after all this is a young band - some of whom were not even born when "Number of The Beast" topped the charts.

"We just wanted to write balls out, straight-up classic metal; the kind of thing that would make us go off if we were in the crowd ourselves" enthuses guitarist Tom Draper, "we don't let up, we don't do ballads, we do the kind of music that makes you want to bang your head and raise your fists!"

Crowning Glory's pedigree is evident with both vocalist Robert Alexander and bassist Nick Smith hailing from the birthplace of metal itself - Birmingham. A city of bleak structure, and stark down to earth reality, Brum' contains all the ingredients necessary to create the ultimate Metal recipe.
When you consider that Robert was born within 3 miles of Robert Plant and Ozzy it's easy to see why more than a little of their presence and unpredictability has rubbed of on him, but whether his Hallfordesque range can be put down simply to geographical location is another matter.

Even with no record company backing, no agency representation and no release available: the band have still played live sessions on both Radio 2 & Totalrock Radio as well as supporting Orange Goblin on a number of their UK dates, opening for Panic Cell, Skindred and others as well as headlining a number of their own London dates.

"Path to Glory", the band's debut offering, comprises three studio tracks produced by Mat and Ville Leppanen of The Animal Farm and two live tracks culled from their recent shows supporting Orange Goblin.