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Unleashed in 2004 under the name "Canopus" by cousins Zaher Siryani and Phexataan (a.k.a. Muhannad Bursheh, a member in other well known bands in the area such as Augury and Einherjer Rising) where Phexataan takes charge of battle axe Bass and beastly growls, while Zaher Siryani mans machine gun Guitars. However, the moniker was changed into "Tyrant Throne" later the same year.

Work started directly on their debut EP "Abominations"; the process began when Zaher Siryani composed a wide number of twisted and upset riffs, then Phexataan followed and added his own touch to the material creating the bone crushing Brutal Death Metal music they have become known for. However, in 2005 and 2006, Tyrant Throne performed a number of live shows which allowed them to build an excellent and widespread reputation in the local Metal scene, and due to that, working on "Abominations" EP got delayed until August 2006.

Despite the setbacks they encountered, recording of the EP began in August and everything was laid down by mid September, unfortunately though the recording process was on standstill yet again as the band's producer Sirenwave left the country directly after the recording was done; left with only resourcefulness, Phexataan produced Tyrant Throne's music himself after three months and proceeded to build his own home studio, aptly titled as "The Phexagon".

Moreover, the band's music and lyrical focus revolves around ancient ethical concepts, mythology, philosophy, hate and rebellion. This thematic focus draws from the influence of A Poisoned Society, not unlike the society from which the Tyrants hail from, giving the band a spiritual and irate edge to their music.

Soon Abominations EP was released on the 14th of January 2007 and brought a new level to the local Metal scene and proved to be a milestone in the history of Jordanian Metal. It is described in a review by JorZine as, "One Fucking Masterpiece". Tyrant Throne's music can only be described as a Straight Up shot of Technical Brutal Death Metal; extremely aggressive music that is well played, with professional and advanced sound production yet to be seen in Jordan's Metal history. Combining high speed brutal riffing, and guttural vocals with hammering bass lines and drum beats to create one of the most brutal and intense bands to be experienced in the Middle East. In addition, Abominations received astounding reviews from magazines and webzines worldwide, and has since been on radio airwaves in Europe and the United States.

In May 2007 the band was finally able to find a technical drummer; their good friend Hanna Marzouqa proved to be technical as hell and earned his place as Tyrant Throne's permanent man behind the drum kit. With a new stone solid line-up, the Tyrants are ready to kick some fucking ass.

…This is just the beginning of the Throne!

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