Devilish Impressions - Biography



Devilish Impressions was established as a band on the 1 st of November 2000 by Quazarre (vocals; guitars; additional synthesizers), Turquoissa (synthesizers) and Starash (guitars). Quazarre also operates as the vocalist for fellow Polish group Asgaard. The trio set out in 2002 with their self-released work entitled "Eritis sicut Deus; Verbum Diaboli Manet in Aeternum; Vox Vespertilio Act I - Moon Var Dies Irae".

In 2005, Devilish Impressions went into the recording studio with brand new compositions. A CD was recorded under the technical guidance of Arek Malczewski (well known for his long-time relationship with Behemoth) and Wiesławscy brothers of Studio Hertz, who assisted with mastering. Adrian Nefarious (bass guitar) and Dragor (drums) of Luna Ad Noctum joined the band for the recording. The result „Plurima Mortis Imago" attracted significant interest from record labels around the world. Devilish Impressions chose London-based Conquer Records. The first tangible effect of this cooperation was a video for „SataniChaoSymphony" which preceded the release of „Plurima Mortis Imago" in late September 2006. Devilish Impressions then went through significant line-up changes. Adrian and Dragor left the band but were quickly replaced by Starash, who moved over to bass guitar and Icanraz, a renowned drummer known for his work with Hermh and Abused Majesty. Another new member of Devilish Impressions was Armers, who took over the role of guitarist.

Positive feedback was received from fans. This provided the impetus to go on tour. In Autumn 2006 Devilish Impressions had the opportunity to perform along with Aeternus (Norway), Darkshine (France) and Arum (Brazil) on the „Ageless Void Tour 2006". Warmly welcomed by the fans from all around Europe, the band had a successful and enjoyable tour and went back to Poland with the feeling of a job well done.

In February 2007, Devilish Impression was invited to be one of the headliners at a one-day black metal festival in London's famous club The Underworld. Starash left the band, and Cultus ( Korkontoi; ex - Isolated ) joined as the bassist.

At the beginning of April 2007 Devilish Impressions acted as direct support for the Swedish legend Marduk in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. The „Sword In The East Tour 2007" included shows in Kiev, St. Petersburg and Moscow amongst others. Once again, great feedback was received from the audience and the enthusiasm of the new fans helped Devilish Impressions in acquiring the attention of The Flaming Arts Management / Booking Agency, who took over responsibility for organizing gigs in Eastern Europe.

Devilish Impressions spent May, June and July 2007 in Studio X (Vesania), putting together material for their second full-length CD: „DIABOLICANOS - Act III: Armageddon". Fresh and complex, the dense-sounding material was then mastered by Andy Classen in the prestigious Stage One Studio (Germany).

Just after finishing the recording, Devilish Impressions went on the road again, this time as a part of Metal Heads Mission festival in the Crimea (Ukraine), accompanying such acts as Suffocation, Benediction, Immolation and Vader. After the show, band received a further proposition to play first headlining tour in Ukraine and Moldova in December 2007.