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Bound By Entrails - Biography

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The winter of 2004 proved to be a daring time, as Bound by Entrails was created through the ripping winds of the Midwest plains. This led to the release of Overture to the Fallen in 2005, which was only released as a limited run demo.

The demo was well received, and the band continued developing their sound until the release of the first full-length For Valhall's Sorrow in 2007. Shortly after this release, founding member Brett Wehmeyer left the barren farmlands of Iowa and traveled the long trek to Alaska where he planned to continue with the musical concepts of Bound by Entrails.

Current drummer, Tyler Platt, and Brett began writing for their next release. Within the next year they were joined by guitarist Jeremy Garner and bassist/keyboardist Billy Harbour. As the 4 piece, they composed and performed The Oath to Forbear and the Burden of Inheritance across the great state of Alaska.

Due to unfortunate circumstances, Jeremy and Billy departed the band shortly before the release of The Oath and the Burden. Billy remains a studio (and occasionally live) member, but resides in Washington.

After the departure of these two members, Bound by Entrails was graced with a new bassist Mark Eppihimer and Swedish guitarist Christopher Hansson. During a year hiatus the band moved their rehearsal studio to a secluded location in the Chugach Mountains where they endured the hardships of the Alaskan winter while fine-tuning the Alaskan Black Metal sound.

Bound by Entrails remains the only active black metal band in Alaska and currently reside in Anchorage.