Pain Confessor - Biography






  • Pain Confessor is born August 2002
  • In 2003 Pain Confessor signs a 3 record deal with Megamania
  • First single Poor Man's Crown is published in March 2004
  • Debut full length Turmoil is recorded during May 2004 and is released in Finland September 8th 2004
  • The band is voted Newcomer of the Year 2004 by the metal oriented public in Sirkkelirock Metal Weekend held January 7th - 8th 2005
  • Turmoil is released in Germany, Switzerland and Austria August 8. 2005
  • Follow-up for the debut Turmoil is recorded during September 2005 and is named Fearrage
  • The single Fall on evil days is released in February 2006. Also a video of the single track is released
  • Fall on evil days enters the Finnish TOP20 Single chart at ..15 and climbs up to ..6 during the second week
  • Second album Fearrage sees the light March 1. 2006 in Finland
  • Fearrage hits the Finnish TOP40 charts at ..26 duringthe first week since it's release
  • Fearrage is released in Japan through Wood Bell May 10. 2006
  • Writing process for third album starts in a hurry during autumn 2006
  • Recording of Purgatory of the Second Sun begins 16.12.2006 @ Fantom Studio, Tampere, Finland
  • Single track and video Ne Plus Ultra online January 29. 2007
  • Ne Plus Ultra/Eye of the Tiger cds is released February 14. 2007
  • Purgatory of the Second Sun is released March 14. 2007
  • Single Ne Plus Ultra enters Finnish Single Chart @ 1st position during it's first week
  • Purgatory of the Second Sun hits the Finnish TOP40 charts @ position 15 during the first week
  • Pain Confessor parts ways with Johanna Kustannus/Megamania
  • Purgatory of the Second Sun distributed by Plastic Head
  • Pain Confessor records Demo 2008 featuring 2 new songs