Dawn Of Destiny - Biography



Dawn Of Destiny was founded in Bochum, Germany in the end of 2005. The band consists of Tanja Maul (Vocals), Veith Offenbächer (Guitar), Jens Faber (Bass), Dirk Raczkiewicz (Keyboard) and Ansgar Ludwig (Drums). Based upon powerful and fast Power Metal they combine elements from Thrash, Gothic or even Death Metal. 'Dawn of Destiny's music is characterized by creative and individual song structures, catchy tunes and choruses.

Since December 2005 the band built their reputation as a strong live band throughout several dynamic gigs with Sabaton, Custard and Tankard. After many negotiations with labels, the band decided to sign with Axel Thubeauville from Shark Records. This label made bands that are well known like Stratovarius, Virgin Steele, Elegy and Warlock.

The record deal enabled the band to release their debut album '…Begins', they had already recorded in 2006. It received a warm welcome by both the international press and fans worldwide. At the beginning of 2008 'Dawn Of Destiny' supported the well-known US Hard Rock Band 'House Of Lords' on their European Tour, which led them to Belgium, the Netherlands and to the legendary 'Z7' in Pratteln, Switzerland.

Since August 2008 'Dawn Of Destiny's second album 'Rebellion In Heaven' is available. It follows the natural musical style of their debut album with a string of new surprises. Due to the growing popularity, 'Dawn Of Destiny' supported Axxis in the end of 2008 and gave proof of their live quality once again. In February 2009 "Rebellion In Heaven" was released again including bonus tracks by Marquee/ Avalon for the Japanese market. Unfortunately in May 2005 Dawn Of Destiny and Ansgar decided to go separate ways, but kept their friendship. Patrick Klose replaces Ansgar and is integrated into the band within a short period of time and is really engaged in studying the DOD-repertoire.

In June 2009 the recordings for the 3rd album "Human Fragility" began. The release date is announced for the 21. September 2009.

April 2010: Tanja leaves Dawn Of Destiny

May 2010: The vocalists Monika Wesely and Jeanette Scherff are joining the band. Boris Frenkel becomes Drummer of DOD.
September 2010: Matt Bauer replaces Boris Frenkel at the drums and Monika Wesley split with the band being now Jeanette the lead-singer.
January 2012, Dawn Of Destiny and drummer Matt Bauer part ways.

(source: http://www.dawnofdestiny.de)