Backyard Babies - Biography




Formed in 1987, The Babies (as they are known by fans) were singer and bassist Tobbe, guitarist Dregen, guitarist Johan Blomqvist and drummer Peder Carlsson. They were then called "Tyrant". Together they played several live shows in their local area and recorded a rough demo.

Tobbe was replaced in the group by a young punk rock frontman; Nicke Borg. Johan then started to play bass instead. They changed their name to Backyard Babies and recorded two more demos and did a national tour of Sweden. The band self-released a debut extended player, titled Something to Swallow. This got them signed in 1993 by Swedish label Megarock Records.

Backyard Babies released their debut album, Diesel & Power, in 1994. The music on it took influences from rock, punk and blues. In addition to the album the band also released the "Electric Suzy" single, as a b-side it featured a cover of "Taxi Driver" by Hanoi Rocks.

However, not long after the album was released the band was put on hiatus, as guitarist Dregen formed the garage rock band The Hellacopters. Dregen released two albums with the Hellacopters; "Supershitty to the Max!" and "Payin' the Dues".

The Backyard Babies returned in 1997, with a new record contract, this time with MVG Records. They recorded their most critically acclaimed album; "Total 13". This album was far more energetic and frantic than the debut, it is now considered a glam punk classic. Critics compared the album favourably to the New York Dolls, Ramones and The Damned. They toured the United Kingdom with good response.

A single was released from the album, "Bombed (Out Of My Mind)", it featured Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe duetting on the b-side track "Rocker". Their next single was self-released by the Babies, it was "Is It Still Alright To Smile?", the b-side was a cover of Faster Pussycat track "Babylon" and featured guest appearances from Ginger of the Wildhearts and Nicke Andersson who had played with Dregen in the Hellacopters. In 1998 the band toured the United Kingdom once more, this time in support of Alice Cooper.

Following Ginger guesting on a Backyard Babies track, he struck up a friendship with Dregen. The two along with Nicke Andersson formed Supershit 666, which released a six-track EP. Dregen returned to the Backyard Babies soon after as the band took off for another tour of the United Kingdom, this time in support of AC/DC.
Guitarist Dregen performing live.

The Babies recorded a follow-up to "Total 13", titled; "Making Enemies is Good" which has been described by some critics as a more "controlled chaos" approach than their previous effort. Two of the singles from it were hits "The Clash" and "Brand New Hate", the latter of which was co-written with Ginger. They toured in support of the album with Motörhead.

On 15 October 2002, Backyard Babies guitarist Dregen was on the front pages of Swedish national newspapers. After returning home from a club where he was DJing, he and his friend were assaulted, robbed (CDs, mobile phones and money was taken) and knocked unconscious. Dregen suffered a broken jaw but the band continued on with the recording of their next album; "Stockholm Syndrome". The album was viewed by some fans as a return towards a more energetic and raw sound, the album won them a Swedish Grammy.

During 2005, the band toured Europe and the United States with Social Distortion. Backyard Babies hit the studio and recorded an album which was produced by Nicke Andersson from The Hellacopters. It is entitled People Like People Like People Like Us. It has spawned two singles; "The Mess Age (How Could I Be So Wrong)" and "Dysfunctional Professional". Their new self titled album was released August 13. The first single is called Fuck Off And Die. They are currently on tour in Europe.