Aeon Of Horus - Biography




Aeon Of Horus are a progressive death metal band from Canberra, Australia. The four piece combines technicality and rhythmic complexity with a sweeping dynamic, often venturing into symphonic passages and subtle melodic interludes.

Aeon Of Horus formed in 2006 and began playing live in early 2007. By late 2007 they had recorded and released a self-titled EP. The band continued to write and in early 2008 they began recording their first full length album,'The Embodiment of Darkness and Light. While their EP hinted at the intensity and superior musicianship of Aeon Of Horus, this full length release showcases the culmination of their efforts in an epic sensory experience. Crushing riffs and technicality combine with epic and dark movements to form a unique brand of progressive metal.

The release of the Embodiment of Darkness and Light saw the band gain widespread critical acclaim; claimed the band had the ability to take the metal world by storm. The album also earned the band several high profile tour supports including Satyricon (NOR) and Pig Destroyer (USA).

2011 saw the band release a new EP entitled Exile:

A selection of workings compiled from the resurgence, formed for a series of live manifestations but now delivered to the listener in entirety; this is Aeon Of Horus, this is Exile.

Exile is an expression of the old and the new; comprising 6 tracks including both rerecorded, reworked and reinterpreted songs from the band's 2008 release 'The Embodiment of Darkness and Light' and new works foreshadowing the band's sophomore release in 2012.

More than a mere stopgap between albums, EXILE represents the band's conscious efforts to deliver something different and unexpected for the listener. In a reaction to the convergence of technology and means that exists in the music industry today, EXILE is a self-sufficient effort, recorded, engineered and mixed by the band themselves. EXILE also features artwork by Dehn Sora (Ulver) and mastering by Jochem Jacobs (Textures, The Red Shore).

In the final half of 2011 the band will continue to write and record their sophomore release