Vendetta (GER) - Biography




a name synonymous with "good old German" top Thrash Metal since 1987
After the release of their first two albums "Go And Live Stay And Die"(1987) and "Brain Damage" (1988) by Noise International, the band obtained exceptional sales figures worldwide. Excellent reviews in all relevant metal magazines all over the world made VENDETTA
name to be recognised.
After a successful tour with TANKARD, HELLSTAR and SODOM, We went on to play shows with bands like KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, DEW SENTED, ILLDISPOSED, KATAKLYSM, MEKONG DELTA, HIRAX, ARTILLERY also Festivals shows play we with Overkill, Metal Chruch, Dying Fetus, 1349, Atrocity, Crematory, Hatessphere, Gorefest, OOMPH of Battle of Metal, Up from the Ground, Metal Mania in Slovenia Martohell Oktocer Fest in Spain, Eisenwahn Festival, Cat - Rock Festival and many more. After a 15 year break publish we the album "Hate" in August 2007
With songs like "Prepare Yourself For Hostility" or "Mother" you are reminded of the "Brain Damage" days. "Hate" has high aggression potential with unusual songs that eat their way without mercy into your brain.
VENDETTA return the new album in Summer 2010.
The 4 first Songs is written and recorded (Demo). We guarantee you won't get disappointed!....
For fans of the old sounds "Go And Live Stay And Die" and "Brain Damage" will be re-released with bonus tracks.