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Founded in 1999, Korum is a parisian combo with multiple influences and that by the musical diversities of its members. Indeed, the band was first built on the ashes of an ancient Hardcore Metal formation where Boban and Kris were respectively on drums and bass.
Following the departure of the guitarist at the beginning of 1999 came Nicolas. This arrival allowed to try out new musical perspectives and to built the Korum concept.

During 1999, the number one objective of the band was to work on new compositions with the following Leitmotiv : effectiveness and that by harmonizing Brutal Hardcore rythmics and technical Death metal.

In 2000, technical level increasing, new songs made their appearances bringing new ingredients : 4 measures complex riffs, odd measurements, work on body displacement, broken and jerked rythms, apology for nonbinary, work on environment, Jazz Fusion harmonization, Black metal technics giving tortured and true melodies - and always coated with the Death Metal and Hardcore energy of the beginning.

On the arrival, some hardly classables pieces with a clearly marked and unique identity where the directing wire is never lost and that without falling into the style exercise or worse plagiarism...

During these 2 years of work and digestion of various influences, followed one another at least five singers. None of them having been able to merge with the trio, it is in the beginning of the year 2001 that Olivier arrived allowing the compositions of the Korum to take definitively their forms and their colors. According to the devoted expression, the Korum was reached.

We didn't have to wait to see what comes next : first shows, first of all in the squatts then with more or less recognized bands of the Parisian scene like Fate or Gothic. Release of a first demonstration CD including 5 titles and named "Shivering" pressed at the scale of 300 copies, collaboration with associations, radio interviews, opening of a web site, discovery of the week on MP3.FR, search to find a label and preselection for the Metallian Rising Forces contest.

It is in September 2001 that was born the project to carry out an album with more than 10 compositions ground by concerts and to propose it to labels. The band was about to autoproduce "Son Of The Breed" (Breed meaning the genetic crossing or the coupling of cattle), when a very new Parisian label named Sekhmet Records, specialized in Extreme Metal, proposed them to produce "Son Of The Breed" and to ensure the promotion of the album as well as the management of the band.

December 2001:
Recording in 5 days of the album at "Le Frigo" in Paris with Spirou and his team.

January 2002:
Authorization of the incredible Austrian artist Peter Gric (www.gric.at) to use his paintings for the cover and interiors of the album.
The album is scheduled for April 2002, with a distribution system open to specialized retailers, mail order, a promotion in partnership with the impossible to bypass metal magazines Metallian and Hard&Heavy, as well as the French-speaking fanzines and webzines.

March/June 2002:
Laudatory reviews for "Son of The Breed" in numerous magazines, fanzines and webzines : Metallian, Rock&Hard, Hard&Heavy, Fantastique Zone, Chronique de l'Ere Noire, Violent Solutions, BrutalZone...

June 2002:
Korum on tour in Poland.

July 2002:
Signatures with various international distribution networks to promote Korum "Son Of The Breed" and other titles to come from Sekhmet Records.

September 2002/April 2003:
More than 20 gigs and openings for bands like Napalm Death, Opeth, The Haunted, Mastodon, Vile, Spawn Of Possession or Aborted...

July 2003:
Korum's Second Album "No Dominion" recording.

November 2003:
Korum's Second Album "No Dominion" release date.

June 2004:
Korum played at the Fury Festival (With Slipknot, Killswitch Engage, Dillinger Escape Plan, Messhugah and so on).

October 2005:
Korum new line-up : Pascal Vigne (Pascal Mulot, Triple Fx) on guitars. On drums, the very talented Gaël Feret (Misanthrope, Mortuary).

(Source: http://www.korum.org/sekh/sekhmetnew.nsf/(PageList)/korumbio)