Eibon la Furies - Biography


Created by Lord Eibon Blackwood around his interests in Victoriana Occult and Infernal Brigantia - The age of a bygone era and those halcyon days of spiritual discovery, Eibon la Furies encapsulates a love for traditional black metal, classical ambience and the beginnings of photography and film.

From 2005 - 2007 Eibon la Furies was purely a studio based project with Lord Eibon and Lady Titania Blackwood, and long time collaborator Spectral Symphony bringing the world of Infernal Briganitia to life. In 2008 Eibon la Furies was joined by The Furious Host on bass guitar and Battalion on drums and percussion to become a live entity.

In 2009 Eibon la Furies played at Bloodstock Open Air Festival on the unsigned stage. Later in the year the band signed to Code666 Records and released the album The Blood of the Realm in 2010.

In 2013 Eibon la Furies will release their second album through Code666 Records, The Immoral Compass. The band describe their sound as a fusion of occult spiritual ascendance, avant-garde black metal and dark rock. Frontman Lord Eibon commented on the album: "Worship no one, bow to none. No gods exist here. You are your own compass (moral, amoral or immoral). The balance of greatness can be tipped either way. Ascending through darkness is OUR only way. The new Eibon la Furies album, The Immoral Compass, is a concentrated look at
humanity through our own occult lens of avant-garde dark rock and black metal fusion."