Arida Vortex, previously known as Vortex, was formed in Moscow, Russia in 1997 by two brothers: guitarists Roman Guryev and Ivan Guryev. At that time the band's style was characterized as strict power-speed metal with no keyboards at all. The complete band line-up in April 1998 was the following: Roman and Ivan as guitarists, Oleg Bondarenko on drums, and Eugene Tikhonov took over bass and vocal duties. The band started their live shows and simultaneously were concerned with finding a separate lead vocalist. In the meantime the bassist and drummer left the band, with Denis Popov taking over the bass and Anton Smolyanin becoming the new drummer.

In December, 1999 Andrey "AndyVortex" Lobashev joined the band, and in 2000 a short demo was recorded - intended to promote the band on the Internet.

A few years later the band decided to change their name. The word "Arida" was brought up and eventually the band agreed on Arida Vortex. Thus, the band's debut full-length, Evil Sorcery, was recorded under the new name. Released by CD-Maximum in 2003, the band gained immense popularity within the Russian power metal scene - helped further by numerous gigs throughout the year.

In late 2003 bassist Denis Popov and second guitarist Ivan Guryev left the band and their places were soon occupied by Nikolai Kuzmenko and Andrey Sedletsky, respectively. The renewed band started to prepare material for their next album, continuing with a slew of gigs. The recording of the second album was prolonged until 2005 when Mikhail Nemirovsky joined the band as the new bassist, and at last, Flames Of Sunset saw the light of day in the spring of 2006. Shortly before the release of the album, drummer Anton Smolyanin left the band and was replaced by Dmytry Zavidov, who left the band after a few months.

The band started working on their third album immediately after the departure of Dmytry Zavidov, and a new drummer (Alexander Vlasov) joined the band. In July 2008 Arida Voretx performed on the final day of one of the most famous Russian open air festivals: Nashestvie 2008, concluding yet another year of live perfomances with a powerful and dynamic gig.

On October 5, 2011 the band released their third full-length album, Invisible Tension, which can be downloaded from the band's official website for free.