Arida Vortex - Biography




"Arida Vortex" was formed in April 1998 in Moscow. Until November 2001 the band was known under the name "Vortex". The band style is melodic heavy power metal with lyrics in English.

"Vortex" was formed by brothers Roman and Ivan GURYEV in 1997, and in next April the first stable lineup was built, which included Ivan and Roman GURYEV (guitars), Oleg Bondarenko (drums), Evgeny Tikhonov (bass and vocals). One of the key concepts of the band was - NO KEYBOARDS!!!

With the establishment of a stable lineup the band began an active concert work. In 1999, a new vocalist Andrew Lobashev entered the band, as well as drummer and bassist Anton Smolianin and Denis Popov. In this line-up, the band recorded in 2000 the first demo, which was composed of 7 songs. This entry has been published on the Internet in early 2001, and so got a good reputation.

In November 2001, the band's name was changed to "Arida Vortex", under which the band continued musical activities. In the spring of 2003 the first studio album "Evil Sorcery" was released on the label CD-Maximum and became, according to critics, one of the best local releases in this style in 2003.

In 2004, the band began recording their second studio album, combining a recording and tours. In early 2006, the band finished the album, dubbed "Flames of Sunset" and released in May of the same year through CD-Maximum.

In 2008, the band started working on new songs for the next studio album. Also, a significant event for the band in 2008 was the performance at the festival "Nashestvie", which is one of the largest annual open-air festivals in Russia.

September 30, 2011 the musicians have posted to Internet the full version of the new album "Invisible Tension" for free trial download. Album went on sale on CD media by the label "Metallism Records".

In the last few years of their musical career, the band "Arida Vortex" gradually moving away from the principle of "NO KEYBOARDS!!!", as well as a growing part of the song lyrics becomes written in Russian. The new album, "Ave, Rock!" released in the last ten days of May, 2013, published by METALISM RECORDS label, and most of the songs of the album are in Russian.

The plans for the remainder of 2013 - publication of the English version of "Ave, Rock!", as well as work on a new big conceptual album.

May 25, 2013 label METALISM RECORDS released "Ave, Rock!" album which was enthusiastically accepted by all Russian fans of metal music, partly because of its lyrics written mostly in Russian and odf course for its musical material.

Based on "Ave, Rock!" album ARIDA VORTEX prepared a new material to release as an English version of the album under name "Hail To Rock!". Along with already known tunes with English lyrics there are some songs included which are totally new.

On Dec 31 2013 it was announced that due to Vladimir Budnick has left the band to devote all his creativity to his main band TROYA. The vacant place is occupied now by virtuoso guitarist Pavel Zhdanovitch.

Also ARIDA VORTEX published a new song demo named Illustrated Man, which will be included in the totally new conceptual album, planned to be released on Summer 2014.

Since March 2014 the new bassist is Alexander Fedonin, also known by Perfect Crime band.

May 2014, a new album was released named "Hail To Rock", which became not only the English version of "Ave, Rock!" but also included a few absolutely new songs.

After this release the band went to studio to work on a new album, which lyrics are fully based on works of great sci-fi writer and philosopher Ray Bradbury. This album is named "The Illustrated Man" and as it obvious from the title, most of the songs are inspired by the Bradbury's book "The Illustrated Man" (1951).