The Fall Of Every Season - Biography




In the autumn of 2004, The Fall Of Every Season arose. This musical project consisted of Marius Strand's ideas, compositions and his playing. Coming from a more straight-forward background, he had a wish to take his music to another level. He started experimenting with a calm, melancholic sound at first, and eventually began coupling it with brutality. This was no new combination, but it certainly became an enormous part of the band's music back then, and it also turned out to be for the future.

Time went by, and out of nothing the 14 minute long song "Her Withering Petals" was spread over the internet. This song was pure progressive doom metal, and became a manifest of who The Fall Of Every Season was and will always be. Gaining interest from all over the world, Marius Strand kept working on his one-man-doom. He intends on continuing to put personal, calm and brutal sadness to tape. Look out for more music by The Fall Of Every Season... In 2006 Aftermath Music showed interest in the music, and now, in the beginning of 2007, the debut album "From Below" has been released!