My Lament - Biography



My Lament was founded at the end of 2002 on the ruins of Corpus Lacrimale (a.o. current bass player Steven) and Dark Tide (a.o. current drummer Vincent). The first tracks can be best described as gothic metal with doom influences. My Lament appears for the first time on stage at the end of 2003.

In 2004 the band focuses on new material which is well received on a following series of gigs. Lead guitarist Paul joins the band and the style gets more mature and evolves into pure death/doom. In 2005, the band benefits from the evolution made in 2004 and from a steady line-up. New songs were created, which blend slow paced acoustic parts with more energetic death metal excesses, all grounded on a deep and warm grunt. This year also saw the recording of "Her Dark Smile" in a professional studio. The track appeared on the sampler "Face your Underground III" and was highly appreciated by many listeners.

2006 is a difficult period for the band. It is the year of the recording of the first demo "Beneath the Hidden", featuring the tracks "Vilest of Men", "The Spirit and the Haze" and "Silent Nights". Blood, sweat and tears were spent in large amounts during the recording process, which was fully done by the band members themselves, at the expense of energy for creating new material. At the end of the year, the band is halved by the departure of vocalist Dimi, guitarist Tim and keys player Alain. But the year the sky brightens, the demo is released and fresh blood is found in vocalist Bert (also active in black/doom band Wanhoop) and guitarist Katrijn.

The first half of 2007, several gigs were performed throughout Belgium. Later that year, the band new material is written for the recording of their first full-album. After a mini-tour with the Swiss sisters of Doom 'shEver' in the beginning of 2008, the band enters the infamous CCR studios where the band had also recorded 'Her Dark Smile' (FYUIII) before.

At the end of 2008, guitar player Katrijn decides to quit the band. A replacement is found in Jens Depetter, who formerly played in the Belgian folkmetal band Lemuria. The production of My Lament's first full-length album 'Broken Leaf' is now finished. The album contains eight tracks with a powerful blend of emotional doom- and death metal.

In 2009, the band gets signed with Russian doom label 'Solitude Productions' ( which releases 'Broken Leaf' in July 2009. The album is soon recognized as one of the best doom releases of the year and is scored up to 85/100 in reviews. The recognition puts My Lament on the bill of some larger fests as Vlamrock (BE) and Dutch Doom Days (NL).

My Lament re-emerges from their doom metal mound in the Winter of 2014 with a new solid line-up ready to perform both old tracks and songs from the "Sorrow" EP released in the Spring of 2015. Invigorated by new influences, the band is on its way to their most prolific age yet.