Asylum Pyre - Biography




2003 : The band ASYLUM PYRE is created by Johann Cadot (guitars) and Julien Peuch (bass).

2006 : Tony Decaillon (keyboards) joins the band.

2007 : The band releases their 1st demo, Whispers Of The Power.

2008 : Hervé Schiltz joins the band as second guitarist.

2009 : ASYLUM PYRE releases their 1st album Natural Instinct?, an autoproduction, with Carole Alcantara at the vocals. Asylum Pyre manages the promotion themselves through the Metal Instinct Tour (which included big venue as La Locomotive in Paris) and also several reviews and reports.

2011 : The band sharpens and modernizes their style with their new Album Fifty Years Later recorded with Chaos Heidi on vocals and Vince Kreyder (Fairyland) on drums, and with Didier Chesneau (Headline, Magic Kingdom) at the MII Recording Studio.

2012 :The album is mastered by Bruno Gruel at Elektra Mastering (Hacride, Septicflesh, Chaostar, SUP) and is finally released worldwide on December, 7th 2012 through Massacre Records.

Source: Official Site