Infinite Tales - Biography


Infinite Tales is a Ukrainian melodic death metal band from Kyiv, formed in 2007.

It all started in 2001 when the hands Glorf'a hit DVD "From Wishes to Eternity" band Nightwish. This DVD "passed brain" and the young man soon learns Games to play guitar at age 15 and he has a first electric guitar. In 2005, the future guitarist, composer and inspirer Infinite Tales Games (Glorf) shared the idea of ​​creating a band with bassist Dmitry (Koma) and guitarist Nazar'om (Nazar Ustyannik), which at that time played in different teams. The idea Glorf'a of course very interested, but the establishment of the group was delayed because of the guys involved in other projects. By the way, Glorf, Koma and Nazar are classmates. In winter 2007 the guys realized that linger longer possible and was picked first syllable, which lasted no more than 2 weeks. "The composition was terrible, it was not as desirable" - says Glorf. Actually, the same fate befell the second, third and several warehouses future of the band.

With drummer Perevod'om (Alex translator) Glorf met when he was a freshman. Game Perevod'a drums impressed Igor and he was incredibly happy when Alex became a member of Infinite Tales because while playing a cut above the other participants Infinite Tales. As he says Glorf: "When I heard this guy gives hudoschavyy on drums, I was not myself. At that point I did not even think about how to be invited to the group. I even dreamed about it! But when the first shock has passed, and came to the realization that we need this man. After a while Perevod was drummer Infinite Tales, and it was great! "

At the dawn of its existence, the group frequently changes sound style: first team plays in the style of Gothic, then - Atmospheric Metal. The presence of material pushes the band to new experiments with sound and with the arrival of a band vocalist Zolik'a (Zoltan Forkosh) sound becomes more difficult and eventually team already playing Melodic Death Metal. By Infinite Tales Zolik was the guitarist and backing vocalist at Nu-Metal band, in a speech which he was approached and offered Glorf add a vocal Infinite Tales. Then all the same Glorf Zolik'u offered to participate in a concert with a new vocalist and thus in the band has another vocalist. Little by little, things started to get in place and in the same 2007 team reached its first success - took first place in Kyiv in The Global Battle Of The Bands '07. They did not have quite a bit to come in the final in London.

Birthday members of the group believe the 4th of March 2008. This day was made the first recording studio. It was in March 2008, the final shape and composition of the team began working on material for their debut album. The composition of the group at the time: Glorf (Igor Long, guitar), Koma (Dmitry Bondarenko, bass), Kiwi (Victoria Revko, vocals, cello, keyboards), Zolik (Zoltan Forkosh, vocals), Nazar (Nazar Ustyannik, guitar) Perevod (Alex translator, drums, percussion). After a while comes first online EP "Drop of Dream", which consisted of five tracks and was written in the style of Neoclassic Symphonic Metal