Aiumeen Basoa - Biography

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Basque Pagan / Folk pioneers Aiumeen Basoa ( Forest of Screams in Basque Language ) was founded in 1994 with the following members: Egoitz (bass, keys), Beleak (guitar, voice), Mikelot (guitar, voice), and Belainotz (drums). Later joined the band Paul (wind instruments), Herio (keys), Ibone (voice), and Aitor (violin). Thus the band achieved a complete and stable line up. Those recorded 3 promo songs which finally see the light in "Triarchy of Vasconia / Iluntasunaren Itzulera" split CD , along with other two Basque Pagan metal bands, Adhur and Ilbeltz, was released by Spanish label War is Imminent in 1999. After the release, the band suffered a long period of line up changes which almost stopped band activities. However, the main nucleus of the band never left composing and they finally found a new drummer, female singer, violinist and guest musicians for their debut album. In Aiumeen Basoa's debut album you can find long Basque Folk/Metal tunes with lots of music and rythm changes, mixed with a grand variety or instruments and arragments. Beying influenced by traditional Basque Folk music as well as old Norwegian Black metal a la Ulver and In The Woods, the mix of the ingredients makes Aiumeen Basoa one of the most original bands of the nowdays metal scene. With a strong Basque Mithology and Folkclore based lyrics, the desition of singing in Euskara or Basque Tongue ( 4.000 years old non-Indoeuropean living language ) was obviously natural. So just relax and let your spirit fly to a new journey in the Basque Forest.