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Mournful Gust - Biography


MOURNFUL GUST was formed in Krivoy Rog city in Ukraine in autumn 1999. The band was organized by Alexander Glavniy (composer, bandleader guitarist, ex -musician of black metal band Vae Solis), Vjacheslav Kapusta (drums) and rhythm guitarist Evgeny Vecher (both musicians previously played in doom / death metal band Temple Of Oblivion).

The original concept of the band lies in symphonic gothic doom / death metal played with classic for this genre instruments combined with instruments not from metal music - violin, flute and female vocals.

Original line-up of Mournful Gust (end of 1999 - beginning of 2000 years) included:

Denis Ostrovsky - vocal
Oksana Krivenko - vocal
Alexander Glavniy - guitar (ex-Vae Solis)
Evgeny Vecher - guitar (ex -Temple Of Oblivion)
Andrey Komisarenko - bass
Artem Lygun - keyboards (ex - Necropolis)
Andrey Chistoserdov - violin
Alexander Ulanov - flute (ex-Temple Of Oblivion)
Vjacheslav Kapusta - drums (ex -Temple Of Oblivion)

Line-up changes took place already during the preparation for recording of their debut album: bassist Andrey Komisarenko left the band and was replaced by Eugene Kozlovsky (previously participated in the Folio Verso). Later another singer, Vladislav Shahin, from Vae Solis, was invited to perform "clean" vocal parties. The emergence of Vlad afterwards led to withdrawal of Denis Ostrovsky before the recording. And also during the recording another female singer, Anna Dobrydneva, joined the band.

The debut album "She's My Grief" was recorded in 2000 and published in the same year on local label Metal Force Records on cassettes. A one year later the album was released again by Belarusian label Music Violence Productions.

After the release, and before the band started to give concerts - Oksana Krivenko, Artem Lygun, Andrey Chistoserdov and Alexander Ulanov left the band. In support of the album Mournful Gust held performances in Ukraine and Belarus. At this point, the line-up was as follows:

Vladislav Shahin - vocals, lyrics (ex -Vae Solis)
Anna Dobrydneva - vocal
Alexander Glavniy - guitar
Evgeny Vecher - guitar
Evgeny Kozlovsky - bass
Vitaly Verko - keyboards
Vjacheslav Kapusta - drums

In the end of 2001 the bandleader Alexander Glavniy announced his resignation and activity of Mournful Gust was suspended. Unable to find a suitable substitute for Alexander, in 2002, the group ceased to exist.

In 2004, Russian label Metal Agen Records offered the band to rerelease the album "She's My Grief" on CD, the band signed a record label contract and resumed activities with the following line-up:

Vladislav Shahin - vocals
Evgeny Vecher - guitar
Rojas Gaman - guitar (ex-Crystal Tears)
SahO Malevaniy - bass (ex-Requiem, ex-Waiting Death)
Stanislav Mischenko - keyboards (ex-Requiem)
Vjacheslav Kapusta - drums

Restructured band began to rehearse and to give concerts. A couple of years were spent on creation of new material and in 2008 Russian label BadMoodMan Music (a division of Solitude Productions) published the second CD called "The Frankness Eve". Flutist August Devego and the former member Alexander Glavniy as a sound engineer contributed to the album.

On this album the band added elements of European folk music and progressive metal. Still, gothic doom / death metal remained the principal basis.

In support of the album the band gave shows in Ukraine and Russia.

In the end of the year the band released a video for one of the songs from the new album.

The same year bass player SahO left the band and was replaced by the former bassist Evgeny Kozlovsky.

In early 2009, the situation changed dramatically. Five members of the band left Mournful Gust at once, leaving vocalist Vladislav Shahin alone. Bassist SahO Malevaniy immediately joined him and together, during the spring and summer of 2009, they recruited new members - drummer Nikolay Kostetsky was the first one. After that the band took new guitarists - Vasily Morozov and Evgeny Rusetsky. A bit later, Inna Esina on flute entered the band. In late autumn 2009 keyboardist Stanislav Mischenko returned, after an 8-month hiatus. With seven Mournful Gust resumed rehearsals, concert performances and composing of new material following the traditions of their previous albums.

In summer of 2010 came reissue debut album "She's My Grief" on BadMoodMan Music. The publication included remastered version of the album, and previously unrealized demos and cover versions performed by Mournful Gust. The release included video for the track "With Every Suffering" from the second album. This 2CD collection is dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Mournful Gust and devoted admirers of the band. Full name of the reissue is "She's My Grief ... Decade".

In autumn of 2010 keyboardist Stanislav Mischenko left Mournful Gust and now participates only in concert performances of the band.

Since the beginning of 2011 Mournful Gust proceeded to create their third album...