Mass Infection - Biography

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Mass Infection was formed back in 2003 originating from Greece. Starting as a four piece band they recorded 3 songs for their very first demo "Believe the Lie" in the summer of the same year.After that,many live shows all over Greece followed and in 2005 a two-track promo cd came out.The new stuff was heavier and more aggressive and received a great response by the metal fans as well as by zines in and out of borders.More than 2.500 copies were distributed for free in the next live performances giving the band the chance to promote their new sound.Meanwhile new songs were composed and in the end of the year it was time for the debut album."Atonement for Iniquity" was recorded in December of 2005,in Nemesis studios,containing 9 songs of pure and intense death metal.The austrian label Black Edge Records showed their interest for this release and so the album came out in February of 2007.Some very important live shows came along with the release and Mass Infection had the honor to support monsters like Malevolent Creation,Sinister,Nile and also to be a part of the "Theogonia Balkans Tour"(Slovenia,Hungary,Servia,Romania,Bulgaria,Greece)headlined by the local metal legends Rotting Christ and booked by the polish company Massive Music. In the begginning of 2008 a new promo cd consisted of four tracks was recorded and sent to labels all over the world.It was Pathologically Explicit Recordings from Spain that offerred a single release contract to the band.Through the same year Mass Infection appearred in two great death metal festivals in Germany,"Fuck the Commerce XI" and "Deathfeast VII",sharing their sound with the local fans and receiving a huge feedback.At the same time new stuff was written and improvised in the rehearsals.As an outcome the four songs from "promo 08" along with 5 new ones combined in the second full length album entitled "The Age of Recreation".Strongly influenced by the U.S. death metal scene and acts like Hate Eternal,Deeds of Flesh,Origin,Unmerciful and some european like Severe Torture,this album delivers the band's most brutal sound ever and defines their current music style.The recordings took place in Thessaloniki (Run Devil Run studios) between August and September of 2009.In the end of the same month the band hit Germany once again in the Filthrock Festival. After some changes through the years,the current line up is:George(guitar/vocals),Nick(guitar),George(drums) and Victor(bass).The band's next acivities have to do with touring and promoting the new album as well as the composition of the next-yet untitled-one has already begun...