The Final Harvest - Biography




THE FINAL HARVEST was unleashed in the beginning of 2008 and after the first 2 track demo the record deal was signed with blood and first summer took the band to the biggest Finnish metal festivals (Nummirock, Tuska Open Air afterparty) and the band shared the club stages and festivals with bands like Destruction, Satyricon, In Flames, Torture Killer, Sotajumala, etc. The fall came with a debut album, The End, and the "Bloodgod" video. After a couple of delays the release date is set to November 12, 2008 in Scandinavia. Rest of the world will follow soon and a release tour in Finland will cover the whole land and 2009 will bring, The End, to the record stores and stages of the rest of the world!!!

In early 2013, Tuomas Saukkonen announced the disbandment of all his projects so he could focus 100% on his new band, Wolfheart.