Svölk - Biography

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Svölk punches hard without gloves and with a match weight of about 400 kg. For the last 3 years they have established themselves on the Norwegian rock-scene.
Early in 2005 the band released its first EP Beast unleashed, engineered by Don Dons from We.
This recording has received standing ovations all over the world.

Late 2009 Svölk released historys first Bear metal album- mastercraft hard-rock from the deep forests of eastern Norway.

As original as the band sounds, it still pays a great hommage to traditional eigthies metalmasters, but has signature sound of its own. Strong, rich, compelling and with a creative and intelligent twist that lifts this band way above the hundred other bands to emerge from basements and clubs this year.

Live these guys will eat you alive. It's brutal and it's charming. They've kidnapped the Scorpions hairdresser and they're making a run for it.

Live these guys will eat you alive - are you ready to be eaten ?