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Silent Kingdom was formed in the beginning of 1999. as a side project of Sead Tafro - drums and Amir Hadžiæ - guitars. At that time both of them were playing in a death metal band Uriel. The idea was to play something different from what they used to play before. The concept was based on history of Bosnia and Bosnian traditional music 'sevdalinka'. It sounded interesting - to combine something that no one ever combined before, black metal and sevdalinka. The result was very strange and they decided to follow that path. Since this type of music gave them a wide spectrum of music genres after a while they decided that it is impossible for Silent Kingdom to be just a side project and about at the same time Uriel stopped with work.

In the summer of 1999. first demo "Fields Of Dream" was recorded. This demo (released by the band) was just the beginning and development of style that will later remain as their characteristic mark. Recorded in band's friend, Kemal Borèak, home studio, production turned to be rather gloomy and darker than they expected. Some may say - a true black metal production, but the most important thing was that fans accepted this demo very well. Due to a financial situation this demo cassette was printed in very small number of copies. Its good to mention that metal scene in Bosnia was very small at that time.

The band started to work on their second demo "Visions From Forgotten Land" and in the end of 1999. demo was recorded at Chemical Sound Studio, Sarajevo. Again, Kemal Borèak helped the band and demo was finished in December of 1999. This demo had good public promotion on local TV and radio stations and positive reviews in metal magazines. This time, thanks to television, more people heard of Silent Kingdom and they became quite a name in Bosnian underground scene.

The band started with a search for new members, someone who could understand their visions, and most of all, to perform live. It turned out to be much harder than they though since there was no one in Sarajevo who was interested in playing black metal. After that, the band had a long pause, almost a year and a half, because of personal matters, but they were active during that period of time.

They recorded four track acoustic EP called "Whispering Nights And Majestic Winds" and once again the band released it in a small number of copies. People involved in a scene were confused by this change, but again they accepted this EP very well.

In March of 2002. Silent Kingdom got a new member, Edin Èehoviæ, guitarist, but since they couldn't find any bass player Edin took over the bass duties. Finally, they could perform live. They knew that it was risky to play without a second guitar and keyboards but the time has come to promote their music live.

In the beginning of 2002. Silent Kingdom started with work on their debut full length CD "Bloodless" which was released through Walk Records two years later. Another experiment with death metal riffs, blast beats and oriental melodies. With their first official release the band was established as the most original band in Bosnia. In 2004. Edin's brother, Emir, joined the band as a bass player and Edin returned to his original instrument, guitar.

After six years of playing in Silent Kingdom, Sead Tafro left the band and dedicated himself to another black metal project, KRV. His place was very hard to fill and after a while replacement was found. Stefan Komljenoviæ, an experienced drummer, who played in several metal acts, kicked drums in Silent Kingdom for the first time.