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Silent Kingdom - Biography



Silent Kingdom was formed in the beginning of 1999. The concept is based on the history of Bosnia and Bosnian traditional music "Sevdalinka", combined with something no one combined before - black metal.

In 2002. after already having released two demo albums ("Fields Of Dream" and "Visions From Forgotten Land") and one EP ("Whispering Nights And Majestic Winds"), Silent Kingdom started working on their debut full length CD "Bloodless", which was released through "Walk Records" two years later. It turned out to be quite an experimental album, full of black/death metal riffs, blast beats and oriental melodies, which established Silent Kingdom as the most original band in Bosnia.

After a great success with "Bloodless", the band continued with their work. As a result, their second album ("Reflections of Fire - The Journey") was published in 2006. (Walk Records) making the band's fan list longer around the world.
Third album "Legends of an Old Grave", has been released in October 2008. (Zero Budget Productions/Walk Records) and it became an instant hit in Europe. Released as CD and 12" vinyl (printed in golden and black vinyl) it was an real treat for fans.

After "Legends of an Old Grave" came "Path to Oblivion" in 2011, as another succesful release by Silent Kingdom. This release featured one of the most talented musicans of this period, a magnificient creature of Florian Magnus Maier aka Morean (Dark Fortress, Noneuclid).

This wonderful collaboration made SK to decide to invite Morean to participate again in the recording of "In Search of Eternity" along with Linus Klausenitzer of Obscura, Srdjan Brankovic of Alogia and Mahir Bajric of Aesthetic Empathy... The new album is sum of everything the band has done in the past and seeks in the future. Great atmospherics, ethno/sevdah influences and black metal moments with combination of complexed song structures (Reflections of Fire) with straight forward sharp riffs (Path to Oblivion).