Skull Fist - Biography




Skull Fist was founded in 2006 by guitarist/singer Jackie Slaughter in Toronto. The band released a 2 song demo in 2006 titled No False Metal which included the tracks "Ride The Beast" and "No False Metal". The band has seen many line-up changes from 2006 to 2010 leaving Slaughter the sole consistent member and many musicians coming and going on a regular basis.

Slaughter released the Heavier Than Metal EP with Alison Thunderland on drums and Sir Shred on 2nd guitar in 2010 to a very positive review in the metal community and later signed to NoiseArt Records. For the EP release, the band completed 2 tours across Canada, the Metal Assault festival in Europe along with a tour in January 2011 through Europe. Afterwards Up The Hammers Festival in Greece and a tour with Bullet and Enforcer in April 2011.

Alison and Shred left the band due to personal conflicts. Casey Slade had joined the band shortly after the EP was recorded who had actually replaced Jonny Nesta who was filling in on bass until Slaughter settled on a permanent member. Of course Nesta had now joined Skull Fist on guitar which saw the release of the first Skull Fist album Head Of The Pack. It was released August 26th 2011 and was the beginning of the bands career in music.

After the release of the album Jake Purchase was added to the band and another Canada tour was done along with Sabaton and Grave Digger. The album has received great reviews across the globe which led them to another European tour with Grand Magus, Bullet, Steelwing and Vanderbuyst.

The summer of 2012 saw the band sharing the stage with Megadeth, W.A.S.P., and Uriah Heep for The Rock The Nation touring festival event Metal Fest 2012. Jake Purchase left and was replaced with Chris Steve. This was followed by a tour in Japan with Solitude and featured a gig with legendary black/thrash act Sabbat.

Another Canadian tour and a tour through Brazil. The release of the second album for 2013 was postponed by a lack of funding and then postponed yet again after Slaughter broke his neck and other bones in a skateboarding accident. The release for the second Skull Fist album Chasing The Dream is to be released January 2014.